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Expiration of Listing Courtesy Notice

It think it would be quite a good idea if the MLS would send out an auto email about 10 days in advance of a listing expiring.  I know agents should know their expiration dates, but it would just be a total courtesy thing, since you keep the clock and you have our emails.  It will give us a prompting to think about doing a modification of terms to extend the listing in advance.  As it stands now, we have to put reminders in our calendars to know when a listing is about to expire.  Members would like to have a courtesy email, "Just a reminder, your listing on 123 Listing Street is set to expire in 10 days on ## Month, 20##."  A small item with big member benefits!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest
  • Jun 9 2015
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  • Rose Marie McNair commented
    June 15, 2015 22:40

    Yes, good idea...if posted about 10 days in advance, with a count down to expiration.

  • Flora Chong commented
    May 18, 2016 19:45

    Here it is a year later. Still would appreciate a courtesy message.for expiring listings or even a reminder on pending COE since there could be changes.